How buttons were made in 1929

I saw this on a button society website -- so much fun to see a working button factory in 1929!


How I would love to have all those cards with buttons on them.

It was nice the ladies had a job back then even if it was making pretty buttons, back when manufacturing jobs was in the USA ,stamped MAde in USA

thanks for sharing this
Very interesting. Thank you for sharing! I agree - it would be wonderful to have all those cards of buttons.
Kathy said…
This was amazing to see. I have heard about it but really interesting to see it in action. Even though I am a long-time lover of buttons, I am going to look at them a little differently going forward. After seeing that factory I might be wondering if anyone was injured in their production!
Pallas said…
Very interesting to see, but I could tell that was filmed before child labor laws and OSHA as these young girls weren't even wearing eye protection.