MOP Buttons

I am determined to make me a necklace out of mother of pearl larger size buttons
I found a book with simple instructions and then went to Joan's fabrics to get the coated wire they suggest to be used and was shocked to see price of this special thread $15.99 spool. Guess i'm behind times.  I didn't have the fastener I need so guess it's back to Joan's

 I want it with all the large white buttons I just had to show some of my pretty mother of pearl belt loops and I love the older rhinestone buttons. I have more carved mother of pearl whites
 I am hoping to attend the Missouri Button Society show at Lake of the Ozarks this spring .I don't want to stay 3 days but would like to know what all is involved in the show
If you attend the Button Society shows tell me the procedures of events


Laurie said…
Such pretty photos! I can't wait to see your necklace creation!
Lois said…
Thanks for sharing your pics. I love the buckles, Please be sure to post a picture of your finished necklace.