Fabric Buttons

I have these fabric buttons I call them in my big jars of mother of pearls buttons not knowing what else to do with them,
They are handmade I do believe and beautiful. I bet they were the closure for a beautiful evening jacket worn over a beautiful tulle and satin evening gown back in the glamorous days of the 1930-1950's?
Just day dreaming .
Do you know anything about buttons like these? please tell





                                                         Here is back of fabric buttons


Is this one crochet?


I like these buttons...they are hard to find in perfect condition!
Laurie said…
I love those too! They are so chunky! And just look at all of your bottles of buttons!
Anonymous said…
the first button reminds me of the color, texture, curly-q-ness of my grandmother's late 1950 chesterfild style sofa. Gail
Anonymous said…
Dorset buttons. The last one is tatting.