Downton Abbey inspired button art

I am in love with the television show, Downton Abbey.  So many things about the show inspire me: the story itself, of the end of an era and a world in the throes of wartime; the characters and their strength and beauty; and of course the gorgeous surroundings of the manor house.  I recently began to design a series of paper art to celebrate the show.  Here is the first piece, which features some beautiful vintage buttons.
On a background of sunny paper with a doily motif, I glued a print of one of my favorite photos from the show of the three sisters; I framed them in a page from an antique photo album and layered other vintage papers and lace around and underneath it.  On top is a vintage cigar label, and an inked brown embossed tag tied it with yellow/gold seam binding.  At the bottom is a tiny cluster of vintage posies.
I really enjoyed choosing some buttons to decorate it; they all remind me of Downton Abbey though they are not necessarily from that era, or even English.  I sewed the three buttons on to a piece of watercolor paper I had stamped with a filigreed design:

  • The metal button on the left reminded me of Sybil -- it's small, slightly modern and has an interesting, non-traditional pattern.
  • The beautiful shell button in the middle is larger and sharply defined, just like, I think, the character Lady Mary.
  • The small clear pressed glass button on the right's transparency and plainness reminded me of Edith.
People who aren't Button Floozies might think this hilarious -- but I trust you will understand and appreciate my drawing likenesses between the beautiful little buttons and the beloved series!


Pallas said…
I love that show too, and your collage is beautiful. I like that you assigned each button to one of the sisters.
carol fun said…
This is so beautiful! I too am in love with Downtown Abbey - such a great story!
Oh I am in love with Downton Abby also and miss it already this season.
You did a marvelous job dear very charming on the picture and fancy frame around it .
I would love to have some buttons from that era and may have really in some of my jars .
Buttonchief7 said…
Very fitting. One of the best hours spent watching tv on Sunday night. Just finished watching The House of Eliott, a British series from 1991. Just as fresh and well produced as DA. Requested the complete, 3 year series from the library. And viewed all 29 hours with time to spare before the due date. ;-)