A nice surprise from my hometown!

I'm always surprised to see where buttons pop up.  Recently, it was on the facebook page for my hometown of Clemson, SC.

This button was from the cadet uniform for Clemson Agricultural College, which is now Clemson University.  It was found by Russ Hebert, who is also from Clemson and who found this during one of his metal detecting digs.  When I told Russ I had written a novel based on stories about discarded buttons, he explained that "believe it or not, buttons are our most sought after relic.  Buttons privde provenance and are easily (for the most part) identifiable."

You can find out more in my blog here, which includes a link to a video of the hunt!


Kathy said…
Loved the videos and thank you for sharing. Any idea why there would be a button dump???
Laurie said…
Yes, buttons are not only little works of art but also valuable archaeological clues to their times!
I did a little digging and found this explantion on the forum "mytreasurespot." Bill Ladd, who is in the video, wrote the following: For those asking, this really is a large "dump" along a river that was behind a large mill that recycled cloth (often for paper or even making new cloth items). This is the second one I have found. Oldtimers will tell stories of the "ragman" who went around & collected any old clothing folks were tossing or had in the attic (including Civil War uniforms, etc). Mill workers, & later machines, stripped off the old buttons, and after 50+ years they made quite a pile behind the mills for us!
Found your blog this morning ......and became totally absorbed and enchanted ..... I have such a thing for mother of pearl buttons. Thank you for soooooo much inspiration .....love the Downton Abbey card. Helen xxx
Threadpainter said…
Love the date on your button !