Cleaning out my stash I rediscovered this button barrel  I got a long time ago at a flea market.
Its about 6" high and very sweet. 
Here are some buttons I rediscovered when cleaning/organizing my stash.

Love these plastic flower buttons.
The kitty faces were on a baby sun suit that was soiled.
Underwear buttons someone hand painted faces on.

You can see more of my stash at Needle and Hook on my July 22 post.


The BUTTON Barrel is the best!!!
What a nice stash, too!
Are the flower buttons old?
Barbara said…
I'm loving those kitty face buttons. Very nice!
Anonymous said…
It reminds me of the Barrel of Monkeys.....
Laurie said…
I love the barrel! The painted china buttons were in style for a while way back when. I love all those dainty buttons you showed!
I could play with buttons all day long
I enjoyed seeing yours
Luanne said…
love the barrel