Mystery Needle Case with buttons

This is a mystery hussif of sorts.  It has pins, needles, buttons and thread and is probably at least 100 years old.  I would love to know more of its history.  The buttons are so unusual that I'm hoping a button collector has seen them somewhere and knows their history.

At the top of the interior flap is "Kirby Beard & Co" which when I Googled it found that it was a general manufacturing company in England during the 1800s which did indeed make all kinds of sewing supplies...everything from pins and needles to sewing machines.  They also made many other things as well.

The pocket at the bottom has two spools of black and one white...  The buttons have 4 holes and are also black or white.  The wording on the buttons says "BEST RING EDGE."  Because the whole thing is so sturdy I suspect it may have been for a man....maybe military or explorer...just a guess.

It all rolls up into a tidy package secured by a leather strap.  The leather is in remarkably good shape considering how old it must be.

Has anyone seen anything like it?  I was hoping the unusual buttons might be a clue..


That's a great find and I would love to know its story. Thanks for introducing me to a new word--hussif! Fabulous....
Lorraine said…
Here is a link to some info on buttons with those words - says they might have been used for overalls, dungarees or braces (suspenders?).
Interesting find!
They do look like dungaree or jean jacket buttons! Thanks for sharing.
Laurie said…
I do think it's a very "masculine" looking kit; what fun to find it so intact!