Beautiful Buttons!

Last weekend I met an elderly gentleman at the flea market who has been collecting buttons for many years.  I feel in love with a tray of rhinestone buttons and was able  to negotiate a price that I felt was reasonable for both of us.  He thought that most of the ones I purchased were from the 40's.

If any one has suggestions for a good resource to learn more about my new collection or a way to display them, please comment.


Claudia Protti said…
Very beautiful! Some buttons resemble the jewel buttons that are located at the Museum of Button in Santarcangelo:

Cara signora
i bottoni a mio avviso sono degli anni 1980 quando la moda richiedeva i bottoni gioiello.
Per essere più sicuri bisogna vedere il rovescio dei bottoni. L' età si legge sempre dal rovescio, il gancio o il ponte.
Grazie per aver interpellato il Museo del Bottone di Santarcangelo di Romagna Rimini, se guarda il nostro blog vede come noi presentiamo i bottoni.
Tutti cucite in dei quadri con raffigurazioni varie, ma con bottoni omogenei. Buona serata.
Giorgio Gallavotti il direttore ed il creatore del Museo del Bottone
Jane said…
Oh, my! The're all so beautiful!
autena said…
How lucky you were! They are so lovely and I'm sure the rest are also.
Thank you for visiting my blog about Gentlework & leaving a comment so I could find another lovely blog to browse.

I love your buttons - they are simply stunning. I am always partial to a little 'bling' & these are so special. What a find!
PeregrineBlue said…
i've seen the british version of antiques roadshow and it is common in england to make elaborate shadowboxes. buttons are such beautiful tiny collectables. i have tons too.
Lynn Holland said…
Fabulous blingy buttons. The red ones are my favourite.
Steve Finnell said…
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Teresa aka Tess said…
Oh honey these are gorgeous. You found a real treasure. I see them mounted on black velvet in a window box frame. Or better yet circling an oval or round missor. But no glue...oh these must never touch glue. Beautiful. I can also see lots of gorgeous necklaces made with these too. :)
Laurie said…
I agree they should be on velvet! If you don't want to mount them, you can put them in a velvet lined ring box to show them off. Gorgeous -- lucky you!
These are all so beautiful and girly! LOVE Them!
Patty Antle said…
My heart skipped a beat with these beauties!