Thrift store button grab bags: hidden treasures

I love to buy those little grab bags of buttons at thrift stores.
You just never know what you'll get; these three ranged in price from 99 cents to $1.99 each.
They yielded lots of plain, pedestrian buttons.
And some non-button stuff, like these glass beads (or charms.)
And these stick pins, and stick pin bases.  Won't those bases look cute with buttons attached for simple pins?
Then these modern buttons, which remind me of cat eyes.
Some metal, and shell set in metal.
And then this assortment; I love the large, shiny grey shell buttons.
And wouldn't those penny buttons look cute on a President's Day themed tag?
I think that's where they're headed.
These two were my favorites!
All in all, it wasn't a bad haul for the money
And the few dollars I paid for the three bags was well worth the thrill of the hunt, to me.


Denise said…
That was the kind of find at My GW that started the whole interest for Me and to this day I've never seen another bag or jar.
peggy said…
You are lucky! What a find! Very, very seldom does anything like this pop up in our Michigan thrift stores. Also, love the canisters!
Kathy said…
Button poke sacks - hoo-RAY!!
CraftyHope said…
Oh, that's how I buy most of my buttons. . thrift store miscellanea bags. I love all the hidden treasures you get with them. It looks like you certainly scored with this grab bag!
I'm crazy about jars of buttons-of course, I particularly like white buttons.
jeanga6 said…
Looks like you can find the same sort of fun treasures I find here in France! Better than finding buttons is to actually find a fun sue for them. Jean
Patty Antle said…
I love buttons too. Can't get enough of them!! You found some good treasures!
I love days like that when you find something really good at a charity / thrift shop. I am a great charity shop browser & I love your finds!
Patty Antle said…
I love to purchase grab bags such as the ones you got. It's so much fun to go through them to see what you scored. Love the two you favorited as well.