It's funny how one thing can lead to another, isn't it? It happens a lot while perusing the Internet. I was roaming around, trying to find a button-worthy topic to write about here and was lead to a blog post about a (button) artist by the name of Augusto Esquivel. 

I followed the link and was lead to his website where his amazing installations/sculptures are shown.

 Candy store

Coke machine



My favorite!

Noticing the word "Koumpounophobia" under his name and wondering what it meant, I looked it up online and found that it means a fear of buttons. It may be a textural phobia (plastic buttons), fear of accidentally swallowing or inhaling small buttons, or a phobia of old buttons, as they may harbor germs.

So, as one thing lead to another, a few things were learned today.


Laurie said…
I love this -- how awesome! What an incredible amount of work, too -- whew!
Kathy said…
LOVE this post - thank you for sharing!
tam said…
Wow I feel good when I make a pair of earings!
tam@ spinstersnacks.com
Tami Hacker said…
Incredible art & talent, thanks for sharing with us!

I don't have Koumpounophobia as I LOVE buttons!
very interesting to see
thanks for sharing
Those are sooo amazing!!! I love the ducky too. I also love buttons, but just to look at in a jar...LOL
I want to thank you for the most lovely comment on my doll. Thank you so much.
Marie Antoinette