I bought 2 jars of buttons at a thrift shop and found these pretty pink ones.


Love the pretty pink buttons.. I have several little cigar boxes of different colors.. One of Orange, one of purple, one of blue, one of green , so I have tons of buttons.
Some glass round jars with lids on bottom of old wooden buttons..
Have some assorted glass buttons.
I couldn't tell how many different kind.. I think I've ask before how to submit some pictures on Button Floozies.. I would put some pictures if I knew how.
Maurine Huffines
Oh, good for you! It's not easy to come across that many pink buttons at one time. Great find...

Stephanie ♥
Floss said…
Those spherical ones on the right are great. Are they roses by any chance?
Laurie said…
She's right - it's not always easy to find pink ones, purple ones, or yellow ones sometimes! Easter colors!
Bubbealice said…
@Floss, yes they are little rose buds. Very sweet.