Buttons in Modern Spaces

Buttons aren't just for traditional froo froo, they are playing a key role in modern furniture design and decor.

Take for example these gorgeous pillows I found at http://www.allmodern.com/.

I love the fresh new take on such an ancient tool. Do you use buttons in a new fresh way? I'd love to see!


Laurie said…
Cute -- I especially like the button on the zipper pull at the bottom!
Oh thanks, Laurie, I hadn't noticed that button zip pull until you mentioned it. I love it. What a fab idea.

I've used my Nan's old buttons to decorate a new canvas bag. 'Did you sew all those buttons on yourself?' is the usual comment. xx
Buttonchief7 said…
Have used all white buttons for a Santa beard on a wool pillow, covered a lamp shade(very heavy) covered small boxes with one color of buttons, made flowers with center buttons and lots of wool petals and glued house numbers out of white buttons on a watermelon slice for the back door. Peggy
I continue to use my buttons on my narrative quilts...they are like messengers from another time. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary helen Fernandez Stewart
Verde Farm said…
This is such a great idea! Love the group blog :)
Unknown said…
Such a beautifull collections and blog. Would love to have you join to mine http://hakenindie.blogspot.com
Have a blessing day! Cindy
BeadBag said…
lovely ideas. I also use my buttons to decorate plain bags that I've bought and ones that I've made too. They just add that something extra!
CAREY said…
I love the pillow on the bottom!