I just had to share this stunning pillow THAT I DID NOT MAKE! *I just needed to throw that in there.. it was made by a fantastic crafter on Etsy.. just click on the image to visit her shop.) made with MOP buttons of varying sizes. Just gorgeous.


LiLi M. said…
Ooh it is simply gorgeous! Very clever!

Did I already wish you a very beautiful 2011, very happy and healthy and filled with the most amazing buttons of all style and variety! I don't think so, so I will do that now!
love your pillow.. it is beautiful.
Createology said…
Very elegant and a wonderful way to showcase buttons.
What a pretty pillow! Love the buttons! Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day.

Oh, what a stunning pillow and what a delightful blog. I wish I had more decorative buttons. The button shop in Amsterdam is fabulous! What neat goodies you are showing us. Thanks for stopping by.
Abbie I simply love this pillow with you gorgeous MOP buttons. Lovely! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
I just love buttons. I have a big tin of them that were my moms. I used to play with then when I was little. Now they tucked away but would be cute out in a jar. I love that pillow.
Sammy said…
It is gorgeous indeed.

-Samya :-)
I'm a button collector also.. Been at it for at least 25 years.. got tons of buttons and sold some a few years ago.. I want to send a picture of round glass jars with lid on bottom. I love these

How do I add a picture of my buttons?
Magnifique coussin avec ses vagues irisées de boutons !
Vintage Gal said…
How lovely ~ thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment ;-) Your new follower loves vintage buttons!
Kathy said…
You are right! This is quite stunning - love the color and the detail with the buttons!
Vicki said…
This is gorgeous! The pattern and colors are stunning.
Anonymous said…
Hi Abby!
Thanks for the visit this morning:)
I just love your blog header as I LOVE vintage buttons.
Well, I'm off to become your newest follower!
Oh - my DIL would love this! I'm off to follow the link!

Enjoy your week!
Pam said…
So glad you did share...I really like that...ok, where are my buttons? lol
Teresa aka Tess said…
OMGosh, What a gorgeous pillow, colors, buttons and all.
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Silvia said…
Hi, I loved the pillow.