Scrabble Decorated Button Boxes

Button Boxes can be found at

I LOVE buttons!!!!! I love hunting for them, collecting them, & using them in art/craft projects.

These sweet little button boxes started out as plain white cardboard containers. I believe they were originally intended to hold ice cream. They measure 3 1/2" in diameter x 2" tall. I added some vintage buttons to the tops & vintage Scrabble tiles spelling out the word "buttons". Surprise ~ inside you will find 1/2 cup of vintage white buttons!


Mosaic Magpie said…
I love this button box. How cute!
Thank you for sharing.
manda said…
Fantastic! Love the idea, and you've made them so perfectly! I would love some with brighter buttons on top!!
andrea creates said…
Those are really cute!!
Stef H said…
now THAT'S creative!
Darcy Marshall said…
ooo I love your button boxes, mine are all in glass jars, undecorated ,yours are so much prettier.
Lola G. said…
Nothing better than buttons -- except a really cute button box!!
What a great idea. I love these boxes!