A Basket Full of Carded Buttons...

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Here's a basket full of vintage carded buttons that I found at an antique shop a few years ago. They're all in really good condition too. I hope everyone's New Year is off to a great start and hopefully I'll get it together and post all of my buttons this year! :0)

Have a great day and do stop by to visit me sometime...I know many of you but there are still a lot of you Button Floozies that I haven't met yet. :0)


GwendolynKay said…
So many pretty buttons to play with.
Last week I bought some vintage buttons that had belonged to the store's mother when she was still sewing on this earth. Beautiful!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
ImagiMeri said…
I wanna' be a button floozy! Please! What's it take? Owning buttons......I have some....LOL Great blog.

Unknown said…
Oh WOW! I just found this blog and whooo-hooo!

Alison said…
Buttons!!!!! Cant get enough
I ALWAYS enjoy my visits here! I see you are still at it and going strong with all the beautiful buttons.
photo masking said…

happy new year..very nice blog
keep blogging
A girl after my own heart. I LOVE vintage buttons especially when still on the original card! Looking at previous post, you have a lovely collection of them.

I have to say that I couldn't believe my luck when Niki announced that she was going to open her shop just 3 miles away from where I live. Not sure my bank balance will be so pleased though as her selection of vintage goodies are hard to resist. I can see myself nipping down to the post office to buy stamps and stopping in on the way there...

Have a good weekend

Warm wishes
Isabelle x
Barntiques said…
I have been the recipient of a gazillion buttons, old and new. Not sure what the best way to sort and organize. Just looking here to get some ideas on the button floozie business(!) Actually just really enjoy your blog. I have you on my favorites list!
Jennifer said…
I am a button floozie! I was so sorry to see that the membership is maxed out. If one opens up I would love to join. Please visit me to see my love of buttons.