Found Buttons

I know these aren't the prettiest.
B-b-b-but! They're buttons!
And I love me some buttons.
They just need a good cleaning, and a good home. (I got them at a local market night for $1 a piece; that is, each little plastic peanut butter container was $1 ;).


Diva Kreszl said…
that's a great buy...buttons have gotten pretty costly!
Teresa aka Tess said…
Wow, That was a great deal indeed. Oh and I love searching through for all of the littel "extra" finds that are usually mixed in. :)
Lou said…
Yes, maybe not the prettiest but some good ones in there and of course still very useable! Have fun!
Bearly Sane said…
I can see lots of familiar buttons there Jessica, many of which are in my own collection of buttons. They certainly were a good buy!
Allison said…
I want to look through your buttons! Great find.
yay! who doesn't love a bargainous jar of mystery buttons to sort through!
Anitra Cameron said…
All I can say is, "ooooh, lookit all the buttons!" Great buy!
What a lovely assortment of buttons at such a deal. Thanks for stopping by my kitchen. It's nice to meet you and happy (belated) pink Saturday to you.
Catharina Maria said…
Hallo , I will be a member of this button floozies group !
I also be a member on flickr sinds 16.00 .
love to hear from you !

My English is very bad , sorry for that .
SweetErGallery said…
Is there a support group for this? Button-aholics? Button-phrenzia? Somthing? Anything? : )