I'm so excited to get to be a Button Floozie!! I'm surrounded by buttons, all colors, all sizes, all shapes. A few days ago I found lots of buttons in an antique store in Georgetown, Ky. Many of them had to come home with me. As I started to go through them, I discovered a lot of them still held thread. That made stories fly through my head. Who sewed those buttons on, who wore the clothes, who cut them off, or did they get lost? One story is taking root, I'm wondering where it will take me.


Primitive Angel said…
Thank goodness I am not alone in my love and some may say obsession with buttons. Any shape, size and colour I love them all.
I was recently given some from an old lady and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I firstly just sat and looked at them for a few days, then I held them and sorted them into colours and then I made a picture with them..... Needless to say my husband and children think I am totally unhinged, but hey its their loss!!!
What is it about buttons?
Lois said…
Hi Alice.
I know what you mean about wondering about the buttons history. I always wonder what type of clothing they were sewn on to.
Sally L. Smith said…
I love buttons with thread already in them. I use them in my art.--Sally