Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Some Favorites

I have lots favorite buttons however my rhinestone vintage buttons always win top show at my house.

I am trying to select some buttons to pass on to others through my etsy shop and can't seem to get them together. I'm overwhelmed because I have so many I think is reason .
I always enjoy finding these buttons.

I refused to go to the last Button show because I knew I would get carried away .


Sue Marrazzo said...

I too, like the rhinestone buttons! They just say, Old Glamour!"

Jane said...

Stunningly gorgeous! No wonder you can't resist them!

Tru Leigh said...

I know you have a LOT of buttons, but do you accept donations? My co-worker gave me a large coffee can of buttons that I can't use. Best regards,

Laurie said...

Kirsten, we would enjoy your getting your buttons and could use them as giveaways, etc. for this button blog! Please send an email to me for the address -- that is so nice of you!

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