Sunday, May 25, 2014

Soft, white, pearl

I'm at it again -- creating with buttons -- and this time enjoying the soft look of mother-of-pearl and shell buttons in vintage glass.
Have you ever altered a bottle?  I just finished my first one: it's for a Bird Song 4 swap.  It's a raffle drawing-style swap so who ends up with it is anyone's guess!
I decided to stick with a low-color palette this time and it was an adventure from start to finish.
First I had to find an old bottle.  Bottles are not something (believe it or not) I collect, so finding just the right one was a challenge.  I finally found a true vintage one at a street market a few weeks ago.
I chose this one because if has a rather flat front that I knew would take well to altering, as well as some interest in the ribbing on the reverse, above.
The hardest part for me was figuring out a stopper or cork for the bottle.  I actually bought some glass bottle stoppers online from an Etsy vintage seller but neither fit in the bottle I'd found.  Since I was pretty attached to the bottle, plan B was to make my own.
I fashioned the bird's nest from silver 'angel hair' that I glued to the top of a cork.
Then, I hand sewed some eyelash yarn through the nest to give it some nest-like texture.
The sweet bird on top was part of a raffle gift I won from one of Karla's past events.
I love the thought of it returning to roost at another one.
The blingy gimp style velvet fabric around the bottle's neck is also something I got at a past Birdsong, from vendor night.  Below the neck, I added a beautiful old piece of costume jewelry that looks like rhinestones, and some of my favorite tatted lace.
The bird image I used was a free download from my ueber-talented blogging friend, Violahere's a link to the actual download at her blog.  As you can see, I lighted it up considerably by dry brushing white paint over it and then using different pens to add shadow and outline.
I used some of my favorite vintage white pieces to embellish the area above the egg: spun cotton, beaded wire, etc.
Finally, I tied some vintage baubles around the neck for balance: an old key, some beads and buttons, old lace threaded through a pearl, and a wooden feather.
How gorgeous is that old metal button?
Here's hoping you are inspired and ready to play with your buttons, too!


Sharon said...

I am inspired! Your bottle is gorgeous. I have lots of pearl buttons, old lace and bottles. Thanks for sharing this, can't wait to start on mine.

Sharon said...

P.S. I found the most beautiful owl feather in my yard yesterday and was wondering what I could do with it. Now I know!

Sue Marrazzo said...

I like the small pearly buttons
and the mother-of pearl buttons!
Thanks for sharing your CREATIVENESS = )

Sarah said...

First, let me say "Welcome" as a new follower to my blog. I'm happy to meet you and am following along with you now.
I'm a button person too. Many years ago my mother gave me my grandmother's button box filled with vintage mother of pearl buttons. In 2001 I created a crazy quilt with neutral fabrics and embellished many of the squares with the mother of pearl buttons from my grandmother's buttons. It has a beautiful story to it. I need to create a blog post about it one day.
Your altered bottle is going to make one of the recipients very happy. '-)

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

I love it, I love it!!! I wish I was in on that swap. It is just gorgeous . And whoever gets it, will love it too!!! The little bird on top was just the right touch. You amaze me with all your button creations.
Have a Blessed Day,
Marie Antoinette

Curtains in My Tree said...

I agree with everyone else it is so cute and adorable
Just soft and sweet looking,love the bird topper

Barbara said...


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