Saturday, April 27, 2013

Purple Rain

Do you remember the song by Prince , Purple Rain ? well today it's raining again and I have some beautiful Purple buttons to show off. Anyway I think they are fabulous and beautiful


I don't remember where I got them however I know it was at an auction here in the town where I live now, It had to be early 1980's I am guessing.I know they were in a box with other buttons on cards and I didn't have any beautiful buttons so went for it . Back them $15.00 would have been a huge price for me to pay for a box of buttons.

They are tied on the  card with cotton string. I don't know if that is original or the lady just own them did that. A lot of old buttons are attached to the card with wire.

This is my first Button Floozie post and thrilled to be in the groove with you all 
thanks to Laurie Jackson for asking me to join in . I read her blog 
and all her Button Floozie posts 


Laurie said...

Oh yay, welcome Janice! I adore those purple buttons, and I do think the string is original because I often find older buttons tied on with string!

Kathy said...

Janice, it's so nice to find you here and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your buttons in the future. You know me, you can never have too many buttons!

Tami Hacker said...

Welcome Janice! Love, love, love your original card of beautiful purple & openwork brass buttons.

Laurie's comment above it correct... buttons sewn/strung with string onto their original store card are older than those cards with stapled-on buttons.

Looking forward to seeing more or your buttons!

autena said...

What a great find--they are lovely!

maggie said...

Janice, those are BEAUTIFUL buttons..And I know string was used often in older button cards. They are quite unusual.
Thanks for sharing

Curtains in My Tree said...

Thank you all for my nice warm sweet welcome to Button Floozie which I LOVE LOL

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