Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A TAG OR A BUTTON.... that is the question

A friend of mine gave me these buttons
or are they tags ?
 Technically I think they are tags 
but I think you could use them as buttons.
they are made of plastic and are double sided 
and split in two leaving the middle adhesive.
are they tags or buttons ? 

Best Wishes
Lynn Holland
One I Made Earlier Today 


carol fun said...

ok - why not split them and put a paper back on each half and then you'd have 2 buttons! Now I probably wouldn't put them on anything I was going to launder but I'm sure you have lots of other ideas where you could use them. I must say there are some very cool patterns on these that tempt me.

Cassie said...

They look like a scrapbooking embellishment to me. I think they are supposed to be buttons (but not for clothes); perhaps they split so you get more in the package. They don't look like a tag to me at all so I'm having a tough time envisioning that.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I love them as buttons for one of my assemblages or small wall quilts...Yahoo for you!!! Peace, mary helen Fernandez Stewart

McAnaraks said...

what is a tag?

Eni said...

These are wonderful! I have a small collection of buttons and use them to make jewelry!
I like this blog, it's amazing

Tami Hacker said...

As a clothing button collector, I'd say they are not clothing buttons, but rather craft buttons/embellishments. I believe they are often called buttons as they can be sewn on through button holes. They are made and sold in crafting markets not clothing markets.

autena said...

I agree that they are for a craft project, but they more attractive then most that you see.

CraftygasheadZo said...

Definitely embellishments for projects not clothes! Just found this blog as someone suggested it to me after seeing my jars of buttons! Look forward to reading. Zo xx

Curtains in My Tree said...

the way they look , like a post card with pictures of buttons?

I would say a tag

love the colors mixed

Lynn Holland said...

Hi Zo, Glad you took up my suggestion to see what goes on at Button Floozie. Hope you enjoy it.
I am a new author here so its nice to bring people on board.
Best wishes
One I Made Earlier Today

Tracy's Workshops said...

Well whatever they are, I like them and would be very happy if they lived with me!

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