Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The National Button Society's 2013 Show

I received permission from the Facebook administrator of the National Button Society's Facebook page to copy some of their photos for us to enjoy here on Button Floozies (thank you, Mary Anne!)  As you may know, the National Button Society holds a meeting annually, and it took place several weeks ago (August) in Wisconsin.
A more seasoned member helps judge a Junior member's tray in the Junior Competition
The show always begins with a competition, where members of the Society submit "trays" (buttons mounted on mat paper, sometimes framed) and a prize goes to the best for each category.

Dedicated volunteers judging the button trays on opening day
During the show, which runs about a week, they have classes for members to attend.  You can learn much, and some specialized and detailed button information; and, if you have more questions about anything button-related, just ask one of the other attendees.  So many are experts, and NBS members are very generous with their knowledge of -- and passion for -- buttons!
Greg Hanson giving his "Birth of a Paperweight Button" talk at the Bergstrom Mahler Museum
They also have a showroom where vendors who specialize in beautiful buttons, old buttons, art buttons and all things button-y sell their wares.  You'll never see a more beautiful assemblage of buttons than you will at a button show!  Here are some of this year's showroom photos:
Buttons you can buy!
This "charm string" of buttons was being auctioned at the show
In the showroom, you can sit yourself down in a chair and spend time looking at buttons in "poke boxes"

Those trays of buttons that were judged in the competition are also on display there

Special buttons available to show attendees
To see more wonderful photos, "like" the National Button Society Facebook page!  You can also always find them online here.


Curtains in My Tree said...

That looks like my kind of a fun day looking through all those buttons for sale
It's funny seeing the pictures, lots of senior ladies just like the quilt shows however I have loved buttons since I was about 35 and always liked the material at quilt shows
thanks for sharing

GardenOfDaisies said...

Looks like a really wonderful show. What a fun hobby this is! I LOVE the button string!

autena said...

Thanks for posting this! looks like it would be so fun, though maybe a little overwhelming!

Jeannie Marie said...

I just can't imagine so many different buttons! But art is like that! I just bought a jar of old buttons and they were so fun to go through! Nothing exceptional, just old!

Denise said...

Are the buttons in the contest trays loose behind glass or whatever?

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