Thursday, April 26, 2012


I went to Todmorden secondhand market  near Halifax, Burnley and Rochdale in the UK with friends today.  
As we wondered round the market in the rain I spotted a box under a stall that was full of these goodies .....
When the story unfolded about where they had come from we were all hooked.
They had been found in the basement of what once was a high class tailors on Regent Street, Ardwick Green, Salford named Lieberman's. Joanne the lovely owner of the market stall told us how the buttons date from the early 1900's and others that were found may have been featured, along with a shop bag from Lieberman's, in the Manchester Museum.
Joanne gave me these buttons which had been left open to the elements in the basement and eroded into these fantastic textured pieces.  They are a great find for me to add to some of my art work and I will be sharing them with my friend Gemma Thorpe who works with coastal themes.
 I had a lovely time sorting through them.
I'm looking forward to working with them.
 If you are interested in knowing more or purchasing some of Joanne's buttons she is available on
Tel. 01484 769507 or email her at
or call and see her on the outside market on Thursday at Todmorden.

I hope you have enjoyed my find
Lynn Holland
One I Made Earlier Today 


Maria said...

What a great find, nice to know the storie behind them...makes them even more special.

Gill said...

What a great find! and how fascinating to hear the history behind them!

Perfectly Printed said...

What great luck in finding such lovely buttons!!

autena said...

So lovely to be motivated by the "disfigured," rather than disgusted!

Laurie said...

Oh, that find was amazing -- love love love markets like that!

Pie Lady Pat said...

Beautiful! Especially love the mother of pearl buttons. Have fun with them.

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