Friday, January 20, 2012

Etsy 101 is hot off the presses - and free today!

Like so many of you Floozies, I sell vintage and handmade on Etsy.  Today and for a limited time my friend Steve's book, Etsy 101: Sell Your Crafts on Etsy, the DIY Marketplace for Handmade, Vintage and Crafting Supplies, is being offered as a free Kindle download!  (Even if you don't own a Kindle, you can download Kindle's free apps to read it on your smartphone or computer.)
It is an awesome book -- I know this because I had the chance to read the whole thing as well as contribute a bit to it, and I'm even in it as one of the Etsy sellers he profiled!  If you have ever wanted to start an Etsy shop, this book tells you all you need to know, step by step.  But better than that, it explains all the ins and outs of online selling so that it all makes sense.  With this book, you'll be able to start up like a pro.  What's more, even though I've been selling successfully on Etsy for 3 years I still learned a lot, and the book has re-inspired me to do more and different things to improve my shops.  I love how this book is great even for those of us who are already Etsians!

Go get it!


khess136 said...

Thank you soooo much, Laurie! I just went to Amazon and downloaded my Kindle version. I can't wait to start reading and improving my Etsy shop

Congratulations on your participation in this publication!

Annette said...

Thank you for the heads up! I shared it on my FB page too.

hensrule said...

Thanks Laurie,
I got mine!

Barbara H. said...

Thanks so much! I just downloaded it! I've been thinking about venturing into Etsy for a while now.

Ima Weed said...

I have thought about joining Etsy several times and just downloaded the book to my iPhone. Thank you.

Linda said...

Thanks for following me! I am a new follower as of today!
I will download your book and check out your Etsy shop too!
Best Wishes,

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