Saturday, June 2, 2018

The "Make an Offer' Jar

I recently happened upon an estate sale and found this jar of buttons; instead of a price, there was a sticker on it that said, Make an Offer.
Unfortunately, it was a cash-only sale and I found I only had $2 and some change with me, so I offered that and went home with the jar.  This morning I had the pleasure of sorting through it!
I could see through the jar that it contained a whole lot of those little "extra button" envelopes, so I thought $2 was probably going to end up being a fair price for it.
But then I saw a whole bunch of full cards clipped together...
and eventually uncovered lots of my favorite buttons -- shell and mother-of-pearl.
There were some pretty glass buttons, too, and these fabulous lucite studded with paste ones, and some that were fancy and beaded.
Overall, I think it was a great haul, and a Saturday surprise.  Have you bought any button grab bags lately?

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