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Give me your idea for a button!!!

These are some of my hand painted  buttons that went on Etsy yesterday  I started trying to get my  button painting back on track.  I had little trays of buttons all over in various stages of completion and I am just about done with these.  Some were unfinished, others needed fixing somehow, some needed to be just sealed, scanned or posted on .Etsy. By the end of the week all that needed to be done should be up.  It has been a big job and glad it is done. 

  In fact I'm at a point that I'm actually looking for ideas to paint that I haven't done before.  I have started some loons as well as both sunflowers and poppies (neither of which I have ever done)  A good many of my ideas come from requests or special orders.

 If you have an idea I might be able to paint on a 1 1/8" MOP button ...leave a comment  and it might get you a button if I paint it.

Bag o' buttons

I found another bag of buttons at the thrift store and "splurged" the $2.99 on them because I could see there were lots of my favorites -- mother of pearl and shell buttons!
 But, there was more than that...

 Some very nice steel and metal buttons, and, the ones on the far left are glass with embellished tops!
 More glass, tied together -- I just love that!
 A few pretty celluloid, composition, and bone buttons, too!

 All of the ones that are the same, on the left, are painted glass!  The ones in the very front are so special: one clear glass with ruffled edges, and one that is enameled!  Such a treat!
As always, a few extras in the mix: a belt buckle made from what I think is apple juice Bakelite, a little pin from a service group, and some wooden beads.  You just never know what you'll find in a bag of buttons!

Surprise find!

Progress moving along on my spider bag but the initial roses   were too "pinky pink" so I redid them all in a more antique rose and added them.. 

It all looks rather disjointed now but the next step are lots of blues and purples which will bring it all together.  At the end will be some white sprays of flowers as accents.

The very last step is the spiders...

I started going through my old metal buttons looking for some that had floral images that I could put on the bag. I found this one about the size of a quarter.  When I was polishing it I noticed an engraving on the back.... extra superfine Scovills.  So I looked on Google and found that if it says Scovills/ extra superfine it would date it around 1827-1840 and it was probably a ladies coat button.  It is a two part button with a heavy shank.. It will definitely find a place on the bag.

Button painting and pesky holes

Someone  read my button-painting tutorial and asked a question and blogger wouldn't give me her email so I couldn't answer.  But she persevered and reached me through Etsy.  Since the answer was going to be lengthy I thought I would post it here in case anyone is curious how I started or where I got buttons and what about those pesky holes.  Her question was: "When you use putty to plug the holes on the buttons do you take the putty out when you’re done? Which is more desirable?"  and "Where to buy buttons."

I started painting buttons about 15 years ago and I did them to add to each round robin block  as a personal touch.  For a long time dear Susan Elliott kept urging me to paint and sell them... It took a while but I finally listened to her...  At that time a woman sold buttons on Ebay under the name Button Glutton.  She had bought a house that had an outbuilding that was packed with inventory from a turn-of-the-century-button factory.  I initially bought…

Carefully Carded Vintage Buttons

I love it when I find buttons like these, that have been carefully carded by a button lover!

 bejeweled  summery  sparkly  shining  diminutive  green glass  black glass  red glass (plus a bit of plastic on the left...) dyed shell

Button collection at the thrift store!

These moments are rare for me, but yesterday when I was thrift shopping I noticed a carded button display in the glass cabinet at the thrift shop.  I really dislike having to ask them to open the cabinets as a rule, at thrift shops or anywhere else, but I was glad I did this time!
Can you see where this cardboard is creased in the middle?  That's where it was folded and put into a plastic bag.  What I saw in the cabinet was actually only half of the button display, which I didn't find out until I purchased it for $3.79.
What it lacks in beauty and presentation, I think, it makes up with charm!  I was initially attracted to it only for the shell buttons...
 but when I got home I noticed the enameled ones, which made me very happy...
as well as the additional quantity of pretty glass ones!  There are a lot of whistles (one holed buttons), too.
The one int he middle with the two diamond shapes is my favorite, and I noticed there is also a smaller version of the exact button, so I…

Share about the auction!

We're having fun at the auction, and it continues through Sunday, July 22 at 9 PM.  Here's another fun aspect:

MICHAELS OR HOBBY LOBBY Share this group's link on your Facebook timeline, Facebook Business page, Group you are in that allows sharing of other groups, your Instagram page, your Twitter account, your Pinterest page or any other social media share. Let us know by your comment and all the places where you shared. The more you share, the more chances! Here's the link: This drawing will take place Sunday at 6pm.

Button-themed Button!

I went to a local button club's sale event Saturday, and will be posting some of the fun and pretty buttons I got there.  Here's the first:
A plastic button of a button card! How fun is that?

The "Make an Offer' Jar

I recently happened upon an estate sale and found this jar of buttons; instead of a price, there was a sticker on it that said, Make an Offer.
Unfortunately, it was a cash-only sale and I found I only had $2 and some change with me, so I offered that and went home with the jar.  This morning I had the pleasure of sorting through it!
I could see through the jar that it contained a whole lot of those little "extra button" envelopes, so I thought $2 was probably going to end up being a fair price for it. But then I saw a whole bunch of full cards clipped together... and eventually uncovered lots of my favorite buttons -- shell and mother-of-pearl. There were some pretty glass buttons, too, and these fabulous lucite studded with paste ones, and some that were fancy and beaded. Overall, I think it was a great haul, and a Saturday surprise.  Have you bought any button grab bags lately?

A Button-y Lampshade

I spotted this three-tiered, button-decorated lampshade at the thrift store!  It's actually a hanging (pendant) lamp/chandelier.    It needed some cleaning, but, if I had a place for it, it definitely would have come home with me!

New Buttons in My Life

Here are some of the latest buttons that have come into my life!
 A Salesman's Sample Book full of button pages -- the buttons are very common, but still lovely to see all arranged and numbered by hand! A lot of new-in-the-package, fancy buttons for embellishing! These cute "mother/daughter" buttons with an umbrella theme! Show me your newest buttons!

Buttons at RoundTop, TX

I was thrilled to finally have the chance to visit the huge antique market at RoundTop, Texas last week!  Please visit my blog for lots of photos!

National Button Week

It's that time again: National Button Week, the week set aside to celebrate buttons and collecting them! For me, every week is button week, because I love and enjoy all of my collection.   This is the latest "grab bag" of buttons I bought at the thrift store...   and here were my favorite picks for crafting and gifting from that lot:  These were my favorite cards... and these were my favorite novelties -- how sweet are those little pink dogs and green ducks?

This is my favorite creation I've made using buttons lately.  I created 10 of these hearts, 8 of which were for a swap.  Everything except the center heart fabric is vintage!  The center heart fabric is part of Andover's Downton Abbey line, and was the inspiration for the whole thing! The little button bouquet below was a heartfelt gift from a new friend I met through our mutual love of crafting with vintage!  The buttons on the cards are actually fabric-covered snaps -- aren't they lovely? How sweet are…