Saturday, April 14, 2018

Buttons at RoundTop, TX

I was thrilled to finally have the chance to visit the huge antique market at RoundTop, Texas last week!  Please visit my blog for lots of photos!

Monday, March 19, 2018

National Button Week

It's that time again: National Button Week, the week set aside to celebrate buttons and collecting them!
For me, every week is button week, because I love and enjoy all of my collection.  
This is the latest "grab bag" of buttons I bought at the thrift store... 
 and here were my favorite picks for crafting and gifting from that lot:
 These were my favorite cards...
and these were my favorite novelties -- how sweet are those little pink dogs and green ducks?

This is my favorite creation I've made using buttons lately.  I created 10 of these hearts, 8 of which were for a swap.  Everything except the center heart fabric is vintage!  The center heart fabric is part of Andover's Downton Abbey line, and was the inspiration for the whole thing!
The little button bouquet below was a heartfelt gift from a new friend I met through our mutual love of crafting with vintage!
 The buttons on the cards are actually fabric-covered snaps -- aren't they lovely?
How sweet are the little birds on the vase?
Button Floozies, I look forward to seeing some of your current button joys/moments in celebration of National Button Week, March 18-25, 2018!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

More rescued buttons

I rescued some more buttons bags from the thrift store this weekend, and took time to sort them on a cold, dreary afternoon, which I find so relaxing.
There were carded buttons, many of which were very common and unexciting:
 Better - complete, and would make for good crafting, as well as nice little gifts
Best - pretty cards, mother of pearl, glass, and charming old plastic -- check out the pretty blue mother of pearl embedded in Lucite card in the middle
There were also these sad little "sick" buttons that would've been so pretty with their pink paste jewels -- but I'm doubtful they can be saved.
Tons of colorful buttons that are perfect for crafts
Some lovely glass and china buttons
including these old, interesting buttons that are like paperweights -- very tiny ovals, with flowers under glass
older embellished "shell" buttons, and some fun sparkly gem buttons
And -- always my favorite -- mother of pearl and shell; I was delighted with the fancy carved ones
It was a fun bag of buttons and gave me an hour or so of peaceful treasure-hunting!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Happy New Year Button Friends!

We're starting off the new year with lots of button excitement for the upcoming Spring button club shows; here in Colorado, they've announced ours, Westward Button Trails, for April 6-8, 2018!
I lucked upon a button find at the thrift store Friday; a package of common (but fun!) buttons on cards.
The ones in the bottom row are my favorites!  As you can see, most of the cards are simply manila paper that has been cut and the buttons sewn on -- not original cards. I admire such organized sewers!
One thing I found interesting was that there were two cards from different eras, both by Le Chic, of the same buttons.  One obviously older, as it was priced lower.

I hope to see many of your button finds and creative uses in this new year!

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