Saturday, September 29, 2012

Carved mother of pearl buttons

A gift from a friend.
I have great friends!
I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Friday, September 28, 2012

What you can do with Buttons and Bits!

Some of my favorite things (of course yours too) are BUTTONS.  As much as I love sorting through a variety of buttons and choosing my favorites I always come back to the small two holed mother of pearl or shell buttons for my art.  I love the milky white color and the small etched designs.  Or just plain round creamy colored buttons.  These buttons are fabulous for embellishing little projects such as this row house garland you see here.  I used pieces of vintage trim and my beloved little white buttons.  A sweet lilac seam binding ties them all together.  Images courtesy of Paper Whimsy. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

2nd Annual Fall in Love with Buttons Swap Partners

We have 36 people participating in the 2nd Annual Fall in Love with Buttons Swap -- what fun!  Emails went out to all participants with your assigned partner.  Please get back to me as soon as possible if you thought you signed up for the swap but you didn't receive an email.  This sometimes happens with problems with Blogger comments and/or the blog email (

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for their tins!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Buttons from Down Under

I found a truly wonderful package in my mailbox this weekend, from Diana, aka Secondhand Rose, in Victoria, Australia!
A few months ago, I was invited to write an article to be included in Australian Button Collector, a Journal of The Victorian Button Collectors Club, Inc.  I wrote about our Button Floozie blog and invited their members to join us in our button fun online!
The Club has a website, but the journal isn't available online, so Diana was kind enough to send me a hard copy (on the right in the photo above.)  It's a pretty and informative magazine for the ca. 100 members of the club; Diana says about 30-40 regularly attend meetings, and they hold monthly meetings where they research types of buttons.  Doesn't that sound like fun?
In addition to the Journal and a lovely note, Diana also send a full card of these magnificent woven buttons, along with a news article about the store they came from; as you can see, they are beautiful, old stock buttons.
They are the palest, mint green, and look as perfect as the day they were made.  What a thoughtful and generous gift, Diana!
I hope some of the Victorian Button Collectors Club members are visiting, and if so, they (and everyone else) are invited to take part in our 2nd Annual Fall in Love with Buttons Swap!  Details are here, and you have until September 19 to sign up!

(ALSO: if anyone has been having trouble leaving comments here on the blog, please send us an email so I can investigate -- send to  Thank you!)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Announcing the 2nd Annual FALL IN LOVE WITH BUTTONS SWAP

Sign ups for this swap are now closed.

Floozies have been asking me about the next swap, and I agree: it's high time we had another!

Since the Fall in Love with Buttons Swap was so much fun last year, let's do it again!
The Fall in Love with Buttons Swap is one-to-one; that is, each participant will be paired up with a swap partner.  We will each alter an Altoids (or similar sized for those living abroad) tin, filling it with autumn colored or autumn themed buttons, and send it to our partner!

Check out some of the AMAZING beauties that were exchanged in our first annual swap last year:

Here's an example of the one I made last year:

The details:
  • The standard Altoids tin is 4" x 2.5"
  • "Altered" in this case simply means "decorated."
  • There is a fantastic tutorial on how to cover a tin here.  In it, she uses paper to cover the tin, but her instructions work just as well with fabric.  (Note: it took me about 15 minutes to decorate the tin shown above; I used scissors, not an Exacto knife, and glue, not Modge Podge, and ribbon, not paper.  Nothing fancy!)
  • The newer Altoids tins are raised/dimensional rather than completely flat on top now, but they still cover quite well without looking "bumpy".
  • For more altered Altoids tin ideas then you ever wanted, search for Altoids tin on Flickr.
The buttons:
  • Use any buttons you love for the swap -- they need not be new and they need not be vintage.  You might want to do some of both, like I did in the example.
  • As aforementioned, the theme is "Fall" so that means colors you associate with the season: yellows, oranges, greens, browns, reds, etc.  Buttons can be shaped like leaves, acorns, baskets, scarecrows, ETC.  Try to include your most interesting and delightful, quality buttons!
  • Please be sure to send a minimum of 40 buttons in your tin!  You can include more if they fit, but the tin should be full, and still able to close snugly.  In my example, most of the buttons were small, so I was able to fit 49 in the example tin.
How to participate:
  • Please don't sign up unless you are sure you are able to follow through!
  • Email me at by Wednesday, September 19, 2012, with the following information: your name, your mailing address, your email address, your blog address if you have one, and whether or not you would be willing to swap internationally.  Also, please comment here to let me know you're sending me an email to join!
  • I will email you the name of your partner on Saturday, September 22, 2012; I will take special pains to connect people based upon their preferences about international swapping.
  • Complete your swap, photograph it, and get it in the mail to your partner on or before Friday, October 19, 2012.
  • After you hear from your swap partner that they've received it, visit the Flickr site I've created, Button Floozies Swap, and upload the photos you took of your swap so we can all see!  I will link to that Flickr page from this blog once many have been posted.
Spread the word!  Feel free to link to this post from your own blog, and/or copy the participant button from the right hand sidebar.
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