Saturday, June 2, 2012

Glass is always a good idea

It's so fun to see our Button Floozies community continue to grow.  We are close to 1,000 followers now, and when we reach that magical number we will be having another wonderful button giveaway!

Here is a lot of beautiful glass buttons I won the other day in an eBay auction:
These are black glass and I have been painted with pink accents.  They are what collectors call "mother/daughter" buttons as the sets are identical except for their size (and, in this case, number.)
More black glass, this time round with panted stripes:
I love these two glass buttons with a painted or perhaps transferred design in the middle; I turned one over so you could see how it is mounted:
These, to me, are the most special: they are glass balls and I do believe they are an example of blown glass, but it's hard to tell.  They could actually be plastic.  (I was so alarmed to see that the seller sent all these buttons in an envelope -- but by some miracle they all arrived intact!)
The ball buttons have some kind of pearlized coating.  Isn't that a lovely antique postcard in the photo?  It was a gift from fellow Floozy, Autena.
Now if you recognized these as not being glass, you are correct!  The green ones on the left are not buttons, strictly speaking, but rather they are trim -- something like sequins, only much larger and made of pearl.  I love that color!  The beautiful square ones on the right are carved pearl with red dye to make that geometric design.
Bargains can still be had on eBay if you look for them; I won these for 99 cents, so that even with $2.75 shipping, it was still a deal!


Denise Adorian said...

I love it when you teach us.I would love to be able to identify old buttons.I have a large Jar full but it's dwindling down because I use them on My crafts.Please keep teaching us,My button professor :) Denise

Lynn said...

That's a great selection you've got there Laurie and they look so nice laid on the lace.
Congratulations too on having so many members.
I keep giving it a push, hoping to hit the 1000 mark
One I Made Earlier Today

helena frontini said...

Quite a special selection. Have a nice sunday.

purplestevie said...

What a bargin :)

Chenille Cottage said...

Oh, Kathy!
I'm just certain that your delicious buttons are candy...from the corner store where I grew up!
I have been helping with my Mother's estate sale and she gave me her treasured vintage button boxes! I haven't had time to sit down and play, yet, but, can hardly wait to sort the pretty colors, shapes and textures.
I will have to photogragraph some of my button collection and share it on my blog one of these days. I'll be sure and let you know when I do.
Your button floozies blog is adorable...and, in the context of your blog...I, actually, don't mind being called a floozie!
Have a happy Saturday, my sweet friend!
Thank you so much for popping in and leaving such a kind comment on my Beach Bungalow post. Hopefully, one of these days, you will be able to visit the beautiful Oregon Coast!

TheAL said...

The black glass buttons with purple and blue are amazing. Great designs. I also love the ones with the pink neon diamond shapes. Very cool!

Tumblestone Handmakery said...

What a wonderful find!
I love searching for great button deals, yes, they are there if you look!!

Jayne B. Lyons said...

Wow, great bargain! You hit the jackpot, with some pretty cute buttons, Laurie. I love the green ones too. Enjoy!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Chic an dstylish! follow each other darling? Kisses

Craftgirl said...

I am loving your buttons. What will you do with them all?


Kathy said...

Wow- great score! I had not heard the "mother/daughter" term before and was happy to learn that. Thank you for sharing!

autena said...

I can't believe you won those for 99 cents! Amazingly amazing! Love the mother-daughter terminology too!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh how YUMMY! I love them... black buttons are my very favorite... several years ago I made a bracelet with vintage black and rhinestone buttons. It's my very favorite piece of jewelry and I wear it allll the time. Thanks for sharing.


Jodie said...

Gorgeous buttons, I have a few glass ones in my collections, but never enough :) I love the delicate details, and feel of them xx

Curtains in My Tree said...

we will all be looking for 99 cents buttons now on ebay LOL

I am going to an auction Saturday of an eldery lady, and hope to find some buttons

Linda said...

terrific buy! all of them a treasure.

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