Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What you find in a thrift store button grab bag

I bought a big plastic bag full of buttons at the thrift store the other day; I call them button grab bags.  This one was $3.99.  I was looking for hidden treasure.  Here's what was in it:
Tons of full button cards.
They were all plastic, and colorful; vintage, but not very.
And another pile of partial button cards and some loose ones.
This was the oldest thing in there, I think.
Then there were some beads and baubles.
Finally, the junk that inevitably turns up in the dregs of the button bag:
stray game pieces, googly eyes, some hardware, etc.
No treasure this time; you can't win them all!

What's the most exciting thing you've found in a thrift store button bag?


(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

I got the e-book you posted about below. You are an old hand at button buying. I don't have that many yet so I haven't hit on any treasures. I did buy three bags of homemade pins at the Goodwill recently. I have taken the pin off and used them on some of my plarn purses. Woohoo. Sista we are the best.

Margaret said...

Lucky You I am on the lookout.

Karen said...

I always buy button bags at the thrift store, but I don't know that I've found anything different than what you found! Actually the neatest thing in there was a clear hard plastic box, with a lid that 'snaps' to the bottom, measure 1 x 3 x 1. I remember my grandmother having these kinds of little boxes that she stored all kinds of things in - needles, bobbins, knitting supplies, etc. Some semi vintage buttons in the bag, but I like the box best :)

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

My Goodwill has several artists and quilters who visit and we often compete for the buttons stash. You have quite a find here Lady Bug and they are simply lovely. Lucky Girl!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

rose sullivan said...

My goodness no, you cannot win them all, what fun would that be? Yes I have found a few button bags in my button career since 2004. My most interesting find was a gold tooth. I took it to a coin shop and got $25.00. I feel so fortunate to have found the Button Floozie site. I never quite fit in with all my button friends. I never could leave my darling buttons on cards for very long. Off they would come so I could give some away, sort, touch smell, maybe even taste these little jewels and definitely turn into projects. So now I know I am indeed a Button Floozie and that is what Button Floozies do. Roselynnsullivan@gmail.com

Kathy said...

Eeeee! I love treasure hunting through a poke sack because you just never know what might turn up!

MosaicMagpie said...

I recently found some old coins in a bag of buttons. I checked them on ebay and each worth about a dollar. Fun to dig around in the bag just to see what was thrown in.

Cindy said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for stopping by! I got the heart pins from an etsy shop called Fresh Prints. I think she has some in stock. If not, just search for decorative stick pins. There are many pretty ones!
I will spend some time checking ourt your blog. I love buttons and have quite a collections.

Ann said...

I so love surprises--and buttons. Wish my thrift stores had button grab bags.

Silver Charm Bracelet said...

I also love to collect buttons of every shape and size...these are very cute.Also fantastic designs can be created with these.

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