Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blingy Buttons

Oh buttons, how do I love thee ...

Let me count the ways.

Sorry, I couldn't choose just one or two pictures.

These awesome buttons came from the BKG Antique Mall in Lakeworth, Fl. Approximately 75 beaded and rhinestoned buttons for $25.

How could I resist?

Could you?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Two Kinds of Buttons

Once upon a time, there was a Girl Who Loved Buttons- pink buttons,

buttons on cards,
what she called her "special" buttons,
white buttons,

green buttons- most any kind of button.

The girl had a friend who had a Yorkie dog named Twinkle and Twinkle was expecting puppies.

When the puppies were born, there were six tiny little treasures- three girls and three boys.

The friend of the Girl Who Loved Buttons said "I'd like to give you a puppy for your birthday

...and your husband has already said it was ok".

The puppies were too little to leave Twinkle right away, and that gave the Girl Who Loved Buttons a chance to think of the perfect name for her puppy. She drove home from the friend's house and looked at all the road signs along the way.

Eudora- how about Dory?

Evening Star Rd-maybe his name could be Star.

Sunflower Ammunition Plant- maybe Sunny.

Kill Creek Rd- no, no good ideas there.

Moonlight Rd- Moony?

Woodland Road- Woody?

No, none of those seemed quite right.

The girl sat down at her computer and saw a card of buttons next to the monitor- and knew- her puppy should be named BUTTON.

A few weeks later, Button came home to live with his much bigger brother, Buddy;

and even bigger sister Maddie. And he's been our cute as a button puppy ever since.

(Button with his sister, Agnes Rose)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My chunky button bracelet

Last weekend I was at a craft fair and saw these cool crocheted bracelets an artist had made.  They were very simple, just a crocheted chain with a clasp.  The first thing I thought was, I could sew buttons onto that!
And so, I did!  I just went through my stash of vintage buttons to use for crafts and chose different red, green and white buttons (thinking "Christmas.")
I alternated red and green on the "top" of the bracelet...
and white along each "side" of the bracelet.  I simply sewed the buttons onto the crocheted yarn.  (You can see the crocheted part in the top middle-to-right of the bracelet in the photo above.)
I'm very happy with the way it turned out!  It's chunky, but surprisingly comfortable!  I think it really "pops" and I'm going to have a ball wearing it for casual Christmas-time fun!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Getting to Know Me

Greetings from sunny New Zealand.  I'm a brand new Author on Button Floozies and a 'virgin' Button Collector if I can say that! I'm addicted to vintage buttons and the thrill of finding a very old button and checking out its history is exhilirating to me!!!  Is that sad or what???  haha
I'm also a quilter but when I have found a new lot of buttons my quilts seem to take a back seat!!  So now I'm making a quilt that I can put buttons on.. best of both worlds.

I love moonglow buttons.  They are common but... they're pretty!
I thought I'd show you some of my favourite buttons, not all by any means.  But some of my recent 'finds' and some of my favourite types

I love these.  Some are glass with patterns on top and some in behind.  Just gorgeous.

I bought these at a fete.  Two of them are Bimini buttons, but the camel picture button intriques me.
It's in excellent condition but very old. I should add that the card it's on doesn't belong to the button. 
The stall had several of them sewn on to photocopied cards belonging to other buttons. 
This one has four small shadows on it.  I was fooled to start with.

I found this one last week and cleaned it up.  I'm really excited that it's come up so beautiful.
Its says Patrona Bavaria 1868! 
 I bet there's history behind it.

These are a card belonging to a friend who collects buttons.  Art deco Glass!

A large mirror backed button I picked up for $5 recently.  It's the largest I've seen so far about 2" across.
I have collected a few black glass but still a couple of spaces and double ups to replace.

Another amazing button I found.  Esmeralda and the Dancing Goat picture button.
 I'm not sure how old it is though.
 I am just starting to make necklaces and gifts with my 'ordinary' buttons after finding so many ideas on Button Floozies.  I just need more time haha!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are some great buttons from (where else?) Etsy:
via The Old Crow Shop

via Whimsey Dimples
via Tessa Ann

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pearly whites

My friend who's participating in the Christmas Ornament Swap gave me the most wonderful gift for being the swap hostess:
I am over the moon!
 Look at all these pretty pearl buttons -- on cards!
All vintage
Bonus: a buckle!
Mother of pearl (or, shell) + Vintage =
Button heaven!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Button Tag Book Swap~

(Note from Laurie: This is not a Button Floozies blog swap, but a swap on Jean Elizabeth's own blog.)

It's a swap:

Please see here for more details.

You will make one tag book for your partner.  Three tags(minimum) per book. 

One tag book container with charm closure.

Feel free to hop over to my blog Lilac Lane Livery and sign up.  Deadline extended to November 28th!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Have you seen this?

I want to show you something that Christine has posted to her blog, The Alchymyst's Study.  She posts about many creative things and you may enjoy seeing what she has done.  Here are three things she has done using buttons. 

Aren't these mini button flower bouquets adorable?  They are arranged in thimbles and the coin gives you and idea of their size. 

A larger version of the button flower bouquets.  Christine got the graphics from The Graphics Fairy.  This is another blog with a lot of creative ideas which you may also enjoy. 

I just included this picture from Christine's blog because it is cute, a good recycled use of an old sweater, and best of all it uses buttons. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Button Decisions

I just wanted to share some vintage buttons I was having a hard time choosing between for my new bag...

Aren't they pretty? I really wanted to add them all...
(The one on the far left is a new one, but reproduction)

Come take a peek at my blog to see which one I chose ;)

Some of my favorite things

One of my favorite things is scouring the thrift stores and antique markets for buttons and vintage sewing notions.  I came across these pretty metal rose buttons.  The card is a little tattered but I will enjoy using them in some of my altered art and other button creations.
 This is one of my altered matchboxes.  Actually, my very first altered matchbox.  I hope you enjoy it.  I included some of my favorite things.  Dress form, pins and beads, buttons, vintage measuring tape and thread spool and vintage linens and doilies.

What are some of your most favorite things?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Cake Lover*

Attention "Cake Lover*" -- I have reserved a spot for you the Christmas Ornament Swap but I need your contact info: name, address, email address!  You probably emailed me but the Blogger gremlins intercepted the email, so please resend it!

Send to and then comment here that you have sent it -- please include your email address in the comment!   (I will keep watch and delete it as soon as I see it so you don't need to worry about having your email address "out there"!)

Thank you!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Button Floozies Swap Deadline Extended...

I wasn't expecting to be out of town this weekend, but since I am going to be I decided to extend the deadline to sign up for the Christmas Ornament Swap until November 13 (instead of the 11th) and then I will notify you of your 3 swap partners' addresses on the morning of the 14th (instead of the 12th)!

Swaps will still be due out on November 28!  It's a quick turnaround but if you can do it it will be lots of fun!

All the details and how to sign up are HERE!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vintage Button Christmas Tree Earrings

I found these adorable vintage button earrings in the Etsy shop called Jillian Audrey DesignsThey are adorable and very reasonable.  She also has several other great items listed in her shop.

I just completed two new button bracelets.  Email me through Corgis In My Garden for details if you are interested in purchasing one of them.  
One of my favorite button projects.  This is a coffee/tea stained old dish cloth that I stitched free hand with lots of yummy shell and mop button flowers. 
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