Friday, July 16, 2010

Vintage (and new) buttons

The left and far right buttons are vintage.The center one is a crystal style new one.

I just made up a few cell phone cozies.

One of the best parts about making them is getting to choose from my vast button collection ; )

I actually didn't go with any of those...

I went with a vintage orange one!

You can read more about them here & here : )
They're also listed in my shop

Have a great weekend!!


Druga_połówka_Kurczaka said...

Hej ! Bardzo przepraszam, że piszę komentarz nie na temat Twojego wpisu ale mam bardzo dużą prośbę. Chcę zrobić prezent dla mojej dziewczyny, która jest teraz za granicą i tym samym sprawić jej radość kiedy wróci. Jednakże by to zrobić potrzebuję do tego Twojej pomocy. Zgodzisz się mi pomóc ?

Jeśli tak podaję linka:


Jasmin said...

Awh, these are so cute! And totally fashionable ;)
I'd love to have one for my phone.
[Love your banner by the way]

~ Jasmin fron LiveLoveLaugh

Laurie said...

very cute!

Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

Oh wow, these are so cute! What a good idea to keep your cell phone safe.

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