Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fabric covered buttons - how to make them, how to use them...

Hello Button Floozies!
I don't know whether you have seen it on my blog or not, but I thought I might share it with you :)
Some time ago I fell in love with the fabric covered brads. But I live in Poland and it is still quite difficult to buy some things here, and as I'm impatient and can't wait long I usually have to be creative :)
I had some fabric covered buttons, like here:
After adding some Prima flowers they looked like this:And I had to try one of them on the card:
But I just kept thinking.... and I made some more fabric covered buttons myself!
Here they are:
I added some fabric or paper flowers, cheesecake cloth, and used stamps! Here are the effects:Want to find out how I did them? I don't have any devices, just fabric, button, thread, needle and scissors. Here is my simple tutorial.

Look how nice one of them looks on the layout:
They also look pretty great on pony tail holders I did for my niece:
They can be used to make rings, broches, badges or bobby pins! You can use them to add a fresh look to the pillow! Posibilities are endless!
And making them you can use buttons that are scratched and don't look that great on their own.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Nice buttons. The flower buttons are really cute.

jenny said...

wow thay are realy neet and well i hope thay can put a stop on them trying to put a ban on homemade things with out things that well are home made we all would not have things like this any more and well yes i'm out helping with pasing the word that well thay got a thing going to well help save home made things just wanted to well let you know abt it

jenclair said...

Some great ideas!

Susie Jefferson said...

I just love these -the cards in particular. The embellishments just FIT so perfectly with the themes. And all your work is beautifully finished. I am so impressed!

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

lovely! great idea for using up your ugly buttons!

candy said...

Enjoyed visiting you blog.I need to get together some of the special buttons from the family trunk and post.

cwasia said...

~ Phyllis, Jenny, Jenclair, Susie Jefferson, x vInTaGe VioLeT x, Candy - thank you all so much!

MarysMadness said...

Great ideas!

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