Saturday, August 30, 2008

For Kyle

Pay no attention to the rest of this post... I see now that you wanted a REAL button!! lol

I searched on Etsy, and found some neat buttons... and you might also click on the last little picture in this post... that site has MANY neat THINGS for BCA.

I searched on PhotoBucket, and found these:

Breast Cancer Awareness
second.jpg breast cancer image by nikkistaa

ALSO... There is a FREE website that I go to, where you click on a little button, and companies donate money for every click. There's one for Breast Cancer too...
The Breast Cancer Site
Hope that helps!


"Hello, I'm making a garment for the breast cancer walk in NYC in October as
a donation. I'm looking for the (breast cancer) pink ribbon as a button. Any

Kyle Alane

PS Love your blog!!"

I received this email today and I thought I'd come to you, all 40 of you!!! We are now 40 members (floozies) strong and perhaps one of you has an idea of where Kyle might look for Pink Ribbon Buttons. She'll be checking the comments on this post so if anyone has any ideas PLEASE comment!!

Thank you!!



Friday, August 29, 2008

Amazing Button Card Swap

I just had to share this picture of the amazing button card I received for our Button Card Swap. It was made by Rachel (as you can see) and I just love the way she composed this lovely piece of art for my studio. I love it Rachel! Thank you so much!

And a huge thanks to Abbie as well for hosting this wonderful swap and for bringing us all together as the button floozies that we are.

Here are my lovely buttons that rest on a shelf for many of my swap goodies and favorites. I just did a post on my blog about all of my items here, so stop on by if you like

Hope you all have a great weekend. I will be posting more pictures of all of my button jars soon, as well as my Eiffel Tower buttons, oh la la!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hi! I'm Bev....

....and I'm a Button-holic! I want to thank Abbie for welcoming me to the group. I have been "stalking" you guys for a while now, ever since I "hopped" onto your site through someone else's blog.

Check out my blog Country Frog Creations. I have loved buttons ever since I was a little girl hanging out with my Grandmother. I came into alot of her buttons when she passed, and have been adding to my collection ever since. I have a huge box of buttons on cards that an ex-girlfriend of mine came into from a friend of hers. Also, this summer I have been hunting at my northern antique shops and picked up several bags of buttons...some of them for a $1! This picture is of some I just bought a few weeks ago and they are "Honking"!! Check out how they compare to a quarter!

I will be posting the cards I have to the Flickr group after the holiday weekend.

I also wanted to share the button flower I made recently. Here is a close-up shot. I used a large green felt flower from Stampin' UP! as the base, 2 regular buttons, and a fabric button in the middle. These were held together with large glue dots. I just love the colors together.

After seeing all you have posted about your stashes and projects, I only have ONE QUESTION. How do you know a button is "vintage"?? Dumb question, maybe, but I know if they are still on a card it's easier - some would call it cheating - but I have NO idea how you can tell if you'd pick one out of a big jar. Please - a little help here would be greatly appreciated!

I can't wait to get more involved with ya'll and contributing to the site....maybe I will try some button flowers on a wire next.....Thanks for all your inspiration!

Until tomorrow friends....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Button Swap!

I just had to share that I got my buttons from the button swap today in the mail. The beautiful Mermaid Pearls vintage button card is from Linda at Grace Filled Moments, and the wonderful white shaped buttons are from Abbie! These came wrapped in vintage sheet music, yellow seam binding (how appropriate:>) and pink paper lace. Everything is beautiful, thank you ladies!
The other thing I wanted to share was the wonderful button lady I saw at a local church flea market. She had two tables of the most fantastic buttons, buttons like I have never seen seen in my life! Make sure you click on the pictures to get a close up of all this button goodness!
My camera batteries died before I could get more than these two pictures, but this gives you an idea of the kind of goodies she had. The ones below, mother of pearl and onyx. Gorgeous! This lady was so sweet and personable and talked with me for quite some time. She said buttons are the nuber three collectible after coins and stamps. She was headed for a button convention the following week. Her largest sale to a private buyer was $13,000! Can you even imagine spending that on buttons! I can't, I have two kids in college and that certainly keeps the button lust in check, lol.
I plan on having this sweet lady appraise my button collection, I'll let you know what she finds:>)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fabulously Fun Plastics!

Hi Fellow Button Lovers!

Just thought I'd make a post on some interesting buttons in my personal collection as well as in my shoppe Flotsam & Jetsam ...

The orange c. 1940 buttons are a real treasure. A dear friend makes these reproduction cards for me complete with gold foil backing. I think the foil is a special touch and adds a nice professional look to the card.

The second picture features some buttons which were a recent giveaway at a baby shower I hosted! The bowling button is by far one of my favorites and the dumb bell early plastic ones are great too. I did test these for bakelite but unfortunately they did not make the cut. The contrast between the black and white colored buttons make them fabulous design pieces, so representational of a streamlined time circa 1920/1940.

I hope you enjoyed my little post- Hopefully I'll take some good shots of the older, Victorian buttons I collect! Until then, happy button hunting! Stacey Newton

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Animated Buttons

You may have already seen this one, but it is always worth another look!

beautiful buttons

so i saw this button on eBay and i just couldn't help myself - it wasn't cheap but it sure is pretty!

my second reverse carved lucite button - it is sooooo beautiful

oh my . . . . . . . . . .

ruby pearly plastic buttons on the most gorgeous card

i love this winged button design - i've been looking for a design for a tattoo for ages{years} , do i dare go for this? I think it would look great at the base of my neck like kewpie wings!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Just had to share!

This lovely idea I pulled from my September 2008 Martha Stewart Living. I LOVE the buttons in the flower vase! So much better than glass stones! Martha's staff just has some the greatest ideas!
Click on images to view them larger!

Monday, August 11, 2008

My name is Emily and I am a BUTTON FREAK!!!!!

I am so thrilled to be a “Button Floozie” and to have found like-minded folks who are addicted to vintage button collecting.

My name is Emily and I am a BUTTON FREAK!!!!!

I could spend hours digging through bags, boxes, tins & jars of old buttons. I don’t care if they are covered in dirt ~ they will wash up just fine ~ and sometimes those dingy mud-caked buttons turn out to be “priceless”!

When someone tells me their Mom or Auntie or Grandma has a “button box”, I start to salivate. I love to hear stories of how they would cut & save the buttons off of their babies’ sweet dresses or coat buttons off their dear husband’s jackets. All buttons have a participating in this group, I will have a chance to share my button stories.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

A New Floozie

Hi! I've just joined the rest of you Button Floozies in this group of button lovers. I'm jenclair of Bayou Quilts, and like you, have that curious fascination with buttons.

The last few days of July, when I was trying to clean up one of my messes, I had to clear a bunch of buttons off my cutting table. While putting them away, I began looking at some of my button resources - which resulted in several posts on buttons, both old and new. Buttons that just find their way to me whether or not I have any use or need for them, cute or unusual buttons, vintage buttons, buttons with and without cards, embroidered buttons that I want to make, and Dorset buttons that I have made plenty of.

Here are some of my vintage buttons. They are often homely, but so sweet.

This one isn't old, but it is beautiful, and I love it.
A closer look.
I love the cards almost more than the buttons...Because I'd had buttons on my mind, when my granddaughter came to visit last week, I knew buttons would make a great pastime.
We mailed one of her cards to her mother, and she took the other one home when she left. I love the butterfly and dragonfly buttons...won't they make a nice collectible some day?
I've spent quite a bit of time here at Button Floozies, and I'm still discovering all kinds of interesting links, projects, inspiration, and member blogs!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Heart Buttons

Feast your eyes on my new vintage buttons!! :) If you want the entire story behind these babies, look here. I washed these buttons because they were in quite a dusty state when I purchased them. Look here on the glorious blog Sugar*Sugar for inspiration on how to wash your lovelies.

My heart goes rat-it-tat-tat for these buttons. ;o) Thank you for visiting.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Buttons Are A Girl's Best Friend

A girl's gotta have friends. They don't all have to be walking-talking-let's-go-have-a-latte friends. Some of my best friends are buttons.

They are colorful, full of personality (each and every simple or unusual one), and make my heart go rat-a-tat-tat, and skip a beat.

There are bead stores, full of bins and boxes of beads. People sit down and make themselves a piece of jewelry with these assorted beads. Why aren't there button stores like this? (And if you know of any, please let me know!)

I would surely enjoy walking into a store, and being met with nothing whatsoever but buttons. Every conceivable size, color and shape of buttons.

Wouldn't it be nice to take in a picture frame, or item of clothing, or whatever you want to embellish with buttons, and walk around and pick out a few. Sit down, pick up a needle and thread (or glue), and to to Button Town! Join Button Clubs and get discounts. Senior Button Days. All manner of button fun! Look around you and be gifted with the sight of nothing but buttons. Row upon magnificent row.

I look for buttons everywhere I go: estate sales, department stores, garage sales and thrift stores. I spy a button, and my head fills with all the lovely things I could possibly do with that set of buttons. They are eye candy for the soul. Maybe I won't do anything with them at all. Just store them in the button jar and stare at them.

I don't care for precious jewels. I only rarely wear jewelry. Gets in the way of my gardening. Frustrates me with the dangling and all. But I love rocks (of the outdoor variety), and I love buttons. Give me a sack of buttons or rocks on my anniversary or birthday. Save the expensive diamonds for someone else.

I gather rocks for my garden. And buttons for my jars. Both have sentimental value only I can explain. Or perhaps you too are a button lover, and if you're here reading this, you likely are! And you understand precisely what I mean. So if you do, spread out your buttons when you're feeling blue. Watch them twinkle like gold in the lamp light. Behold the various shapes and colors.
I bet before you know it, your heart will be lifted, just a bit. And there is a smile worthy of a pretty button on your face.

A Fetish, Perhaps?

fetish: noun, an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion

Yes, fetish just about covers it. They sure are pretty to look at *devoted sigh.*
In celebration of Abbie's Vintage Button Card Swap, I wanted to share my collection of vintage buttons still on their cards. Due to this swap, I've had an excuse to seek them out and expand my collection.

I love excuses for expanding my button collection. Now back to that fetish question...
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