Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another button lover!

Hi button floozies and secret button lovers all over the world!
I want to introduce myself too. I'm LiLi and I'm a button lover from the Netherlands, also known as Holland. I have showed my collection already in this post. I was arguing then that the button cards I could find over here were boring

After that I was send some of those cheery button cards from blogfriends over the small and over the big pond:

Thanks again ladies!
I have been copying these and also printed some downloads from the Vintage Workshop.

I need a lot of these cards for a project. I'll tell you all about it in due time.
In the future I would like to share some creative ideas too. But for now I'll show you a picture of a little tablecloth I spotted in Delft at the best button store in the Netherlands :

'de Winkel'

Do those press buttons on card count in a button collection? What do you think?
And about swapping; what do you prefer? a little dull but somehow graphically interesting large white button card or a smaller card with a cheerful picture? I'm a little in doubt what to send.
I hope to be back soon with more buttons especially buttons on cards and more creative button ideas. Hope to see you then!
Happy hunting, happy collecting,


suesue said...

i think the white buttons that are progressively larger on the card are so cool! great collection!!

Stacey said...

Hi- I tried to leave a comment earlier but it's not posted- I would love to become a Button Floozie! Please sign me up!
Thanks so much- Stacey

Abbie said...

oh! I just love all of your button cards! They are fantastic! Thank you for sharing LiLi!

Susan said...

What a great collection! Welcome to the group.

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