Thursday, July 31, 2008

Popcorn Bloomer and Blouse GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Popcorn Bloomer and Blouse GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Buttons as Jewelry

Thanks to Abbie for starting this blog for all the button aficionados out there. My name is Suzy, aka GeorgiaPeachez. I am a textile artist and coveting beautiful buttons goes hand in hand with collecting beautiful vintage fabrics. I love to take those vintage fabrics and buttons and create purses, totes, aprons and jewelry.

One of my favorite ways to use beautiful vintage buttons is as jewelry. I love jewelry and I love buttons. The book Beautiful Button Jewelry by Susan Davis is a great resource book for ideas and technique.

Every year at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show this vendor, Victoria's Buttons, goes home with a big chunk of my cash because I cannot resist her creations. She has just gorgeous buttons that she has paired with swarovski crystals to create lovely earrings and necklaces.

I take pretty vintage buttons and stack them to make brooches that can we worn on my purses or on a jacket.

These beautiful items are just the tip of the iceberg of my button jewelry collection.
I would love to see your vintage button jewelry!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One of My Favorite Buttons

This isn't the prettiest button I've ever owned, but it one of my favorites. I used to collect vintage WWII Home Front items- like the red white & blue trimmed frames that families used for their sons and boyfriends military pictures, the "son in the service" star flags that families put in their windows, and sweetheart jewelry. This button is "V" for Victory and made of Bakelite.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Excuse the bugs..

Hi ladies!

(I use 'ladies' because right now, we don't have any male floozies. At least no one who will admit they are men!) ;) I am working out the kinks of the advertisements. At some point Google should send out a 'crawler' (don't ask, I don't know.. sounds creepy though..) to check the blog and use key words to select topic appropriate ads. Until then we have to settle with beer cozies. Sorry! Perhaps someone can do a tutorial on embellishing their hubby's bear cozy with buttons and lace!! I love it!! We can bling the beer thing!! hehehe.. Remember, the ads and the Google Search Bar all rack up pennies for the American Cancer Society. Even with 'beer cozy' ads, we have earned 10 cents so far!! Woohhoooo!! I don't think that's too shabby!

A quick little tutorial for you! the above images are of some button hair elastics that I sold in my Etsy shop a while back. (and they did sell!) Take a set of buttons (old or new) with shanks (the loops on the back) and push a folded hair elastic through. (wrapping the elastic with thread and pulling it with thread helps for tight squeezes) loop the hair tie on itself and pull tight. That's all there is to it! Perfect with child themed buttons for little girls or as 'bracelets' with large elastics for boys or girls! As the elastics wear out, you pull it out and replace.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another button lover!

Hi button floozies and secret button lovers all over the world!
I want to introduce myself too. I'm LiLi and I'm a button lover from the Netherlands, also known as Holland. I have showed my collection already in this post. I was arguing then that the button cards I could find over here were boring

After that I was send some of those cheery button cards from blogfriends over the small and over the big pond:

Thanks again ladies!
I have been copying these and also printed some downloads from the Vintage Workshop.

I need a lot of these cards for a project. I'll tell you all about it in due time.
In the future I would like to share some creative ideas too. But for now I'll show you a picture of a little tablecloth I spotted in Delft at the best button store in the Netherlands :

'de Winkel'

Do those press buttons on card count in a button collection? What do you think?
And about swapping; what do you prefer? a little dull but somehow graphically interesting large white button card or a smaller card with a cheerful picture? I'm a little in doubt what to send.
I hope to be back soon with more buttons especially buttons on cards and more creative button ideas. Hope to see you then!
Happy hunting, happy collecting,

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A new button floozy!

I was so excited to find this site!

Here are a couple of my favorite button projects:

A wreath:

Heart button wreath

Heart button wreath and plaque

And an ornament:

Ornament made with buttons

I am looking forward to looking at all the beauitful buttons here!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Flickr Group and a Giviing Idea!!

Hi floozies!! We have almost 30 members!!! Wooohhoooo!! Everyday there are several new button lovers who want to join our group! I thought another great forum for us to share our collections, ideas and inspirations would be Flickr. We can post pics without having to do an entire blog post. The link to the Button Floozies at Flickr is Come and join the fun! This way those who don't want to be 'official' floozies can still post their images.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another New Button Floozie Here!

I am just lovin' this blog and all the awesome button pictures! I have been so inspired to start using my buttons in more creations! What a bunch of talented floozies we have here!
I remember when I was little going to a Salvation Army with my Grandma and watching her go thru the clothes and picking out the ones with pretty buttons on them to buy. I always remember that when I am looking at buttons. I also remember my other Grandmother letting us string buttons that were alike on string, no doubt to keep us out of trouble!
So, I guess that is when my love for buttons began. I am more of a hoarder of buttons than a user! But, lately I find myself wanting to use them more.
Anyway--- here are a few pics of some of my buttons.

Introducing Myself...

Hello there! My name is Christi (aka latte_grande), and I'm a button floozie. *sigh* Feels good to let that out, lol! And it's so good to know there are more of us out there. :)
I love all things vintage....the crustier, the better. But sometimes, new things can be made to LOOK old. And that makes me happy, too. I just had to share a pic of some clay buttons I just finished for a swap....maybe get some feedback from other lovers of buttons?

I just can't wait to play with, layouts, ATCs, maybe even button flowers! I'd love to hear what the rest of you think!

The clay buttons are my most recent project, but here are a few other things I've done in the past with buttons...

button flowers

button tree

I just love all the inspiration here, and look forward to getting to know you all better....maybe even swapping with you soon! Take care! :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Buttons as Embellishments

I participated in a paper swap, which you can read more about here. I made tags from coin rolls, which was inspired by ARTful Dreamer's Coined Expressions. (She is no longer blogging, which is why I sadly don't have a link to her or her work).
For this project, I used a variety of embellishments, and buttons are, of course, included.
You can see the buttons in closer detail in the picture above. I have to work through the stash of white buttons somehow! :) Peace.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

*nEw BuTtOn fLoOzY*

hi floozies - my name is Megan and i found this site through "kidsnappingi'mscrapping"

I am a button addict and am especially partial to vintage Mother of pearl and glass.

here's a little selection from my button stash ~

i made this button sewing kit for a recent swap

these teeny tiny buttons are a recent find

this is how i card my buttons all ready for sale

reverse carved lucite my most expensive buy

newest buy - faux tortoiseshell bakelite with m.o.p. inlay.

goodbye for now xxx

Friday, July 18, 2008

Show and Tell

I just made this card for my friend who loves fairys in her garden. She had foot surgery yesterday and I hope this little one will protect her toes !!
There are more pic on my flicker,rockyptpatterns.
Most of my supplies are packed till we move, so frustrating when you need to create!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Show and Tell

I just finished making this bust for a friend of mine who plans to sell jewelry on Etsy. I pieced the bust together, and shaped it myself!! I really like the way she came out, and I decided to make her a button necklace to send with her... You can read more about how I made her on my blog.

The Swap is Closed!

Yeay! We hit 20 participants and I just don't think I can handle more than that right now! If you missed this one, I'lll be hosting more button themed swaps this Fall, once the weather gets yucky! :) Our swap has been posted on Swapdex. If you like our swap, you'll have to go and peek at some of the others that are being offered throughout blogland.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vintage Button Card Swap Details * CLOSED *

OK Ladies, here we go!! I had a fabulous response to the Vintage Button Card Swap idea and I think I've worked out the details pretty well. Mind you, I'm not perfect and I'm positive I missed something so will someone point it out to me?? :)

1.) Vintage/Antique Buttons only! NO new buttons please!

2.) At least 4 buttons on a card. They don't have to match, but should be similar.

3.) If your Button Card is HANDMADE because you do not have/can not find any vintage cards you will receive a HANDMADE button card in exchange. Tit for tat, so to speak.

4.) This is 'one card' for 'one card' swap. If it works fabulous, then I'll do a larger swap (ie.. 3 for 3) later.

5.) International floozies are more than welcome! Please come and play!


7.) You do not have to be a 'registered floozie' to join the swap, anyone can join!

8.) I will need all participants to EMAIL me their mailing address, website/blog address and what type of card you will sending (handmade or vintage).

  • All button cards should be received by me by August 15th. (this gives ample time for International floozies to get their cards to me.)
  • All cards will be shuffled around and mailed back out to you on/before August 18th.

10.) Do unto others.. SEND WHAT YOU WOULD LOVE TO GET!! I will do my best to distribute the button cards as evenly as possible (era, quantity, quality, etc..) Please remember the joy is in the GIVING- the nicer the bundle you send, the nicer the bundle you will get in return!

11.) PAYMENT: Unfortunately I'd love to pay the entire kit and caboodle but alas, I cannot. Soooo...

  • Please include $2.00 for shipping and packaging within the US. You can either paypal it to me, hidden cash, OR include a postage paid PADDED envelope (about $1.50 for postage) with your button card.
  • If you would like them quickly, include $5.00 for Priority Mail instead.
  • Canadian Floozies please include or paypal $3.00.
  • International Floozies please include or paypal me $5.00.

12.) Shipping: Having sold many buttons through my Etsy shop, I have had the unpleasant experience of the envelopes getting chewed up in the postal machinery. PLEASE send your button card in a small padded bubble mailer to ensure it's safety! (not too much at Walmart)

All button cards will be mailed to you in a padded bubble mailer.

If that is not an option, sandwich it between two pieces of heavy card stock. I'd hate to have some lovelies get damaged or lost!

13.)THE PLAYERS: Here are the floozies who have let me know already that they want to play, as I get in emails/comments, I'll add your name to the list. Once it's full, it's full! We are already over half way there!!

  1. Abbie (myself)
  2. Kathleen Grace
  3. Rachel Whetzel
  4. Debbie-Heart to Art
  5. Debbie-StudioBeeCreations
  6. Jessica Rodarte
  7. Angela Harris
  8. Melanie ?
  9. Beth Leintz
  10. Joanna - SweetFinds
  11. Lili
  12. Margo
  13. Vivian
  14. RhondaMum
  15. Robin
  16. Stephanie - QueenofDreamz
  17. Marian Edwards
  18. Linda Smith
  19. Laurie - Charming Designs
  20. Sue

*Please grab the image below for your blog if you would like. Please right click, save it to your pc's. For bloggers, when you add your image in your layout, in the link box type in the entire web address for ButtonFloozies.blogspot and your image will automatically link here!

Alright, I think I covered it all! Any questions post them in the comments so I can answer them for everyone!

Yeay! This is going to be so much fun! I can't wait to see what comes in!

I have pounds of lovely buttons that are seeking homes and you will each get a small little bundle of beauties from my stock pile for playing along!

Thank you!!



Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hello, My Name is...

Hello!! I thought I would take a min to introduce myself!! My name is Rachel, and I am a button Floozie. :::sigh::: I feel better already. When I was a little girl, my gramma had buttons. She had jars and JARS and MORE jars of them. She had them all sorted out into colors, and she would let me play in them whenever I wanted. That is how my button addiction began, I am fairly sure. To coin one of my gramma's favorite phrases, I need buttons like I need a hole in the head. When she passed away, I took on her pounds and POUNDS of buttons, and added them to my collection. Just a few shots of my buttons...
Lamp of buttonsViles of BUTTONSDay29
Most recently, I have started using jewelry and buttons in some of my mixed media art. Here is my latest bowl of treasures I scoured at the local thrift stores and antique malls.

Among other things, I work on line as the site manager and creative director for a scrapbooking website. I blog, try my hand at photography, and sell on esty. I should also mention that debbie, here on Floozies, is my Mother, and the grandmother in my story of flooziness was HER mother... I don't that's a coincidence.

My Name is Jessica, and I am a Button Floozy

All those who share a love for buttons, hoard buttons, and could eat buttons for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if they were low-carb say, "Ay." This meeting is now in session.
Oh, what buttony goodness is found on this site fellow button floozies!! I am beside myself with giddiness to be contributing to such a lovely blog. Thank you Abbie!
I've been a lover of buttons for some time now. I think it's hereditary. See here for my logic behind that. I'm a scrapbooker, and enjoy looking for unique embellishments in unseemly places. Enter buttons. Now, I originally started hoarding buttons with the excuse that they were going on my family scrapbook layouts. Take a look below, and realize that I lied, and I just wanted to get my hands on this little buggers. I think my husband's on to me... but in case he's not, ssshhh!

I think I have enough buttons for a few family scrapbooks, hmm? Buttons do look quite lovely in scrapbooking projects though. See here for an example. Anyhow, I've been ranting about buttons on my blog Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! for some time now. See here and here. I love to include them in swaps (see here , here, and here) in hopes to addict others to buttons, as well. I love to see that others are already addicted. Check out this Flickr site for some button love. Thank you again Abbie, and happy button hunting fellow floozies! Hugs, Jessica.

This meeting is now in recess. ;o)

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